Arugula-Cashew Crudite

-This recipe I got from a cooking demo at a restaurant called Native Foods Cafe. It is excellent on crackers or veggie sticks or as a spread :)

-3 cups raw cashews
-1/2 cup nutritional yeast
-3 medium garlic cloves
-about 6 cups arugula or baby spinach (I used one bag)
-1/2 cup olive oil
-4 tbsp fresh lemon juice
-pinch sea salt
-dash of pepper and (optional) crushed red chili pepper

In a food processor, pulse the cashews, nutritional yeast, and garlic gently, so that all the ingredients are mixed but the cashews are still chunky.  Empty into bowl and put aside.  In the food processor, add the olive oil and lemon juice first, then add the greens.  Pulse to blend well.  Mix two together with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes.  Serve with thick crostini-type crackers and veggie sticks.

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Cashew Cheeze Pizza round 2

Round 2 of a million I hope.

this is so beautiful

(is that tofu ricotta? what are those what globs on top?!?!?!)

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Vegan style Vegetable stew,  Tofu, Mushroom, Pak choi, Tong choi, Daikon radish, Celery, seaweed for stock, bean sprouts, fresh chilli, This is amazigly delicious.

Phototography Murat Ozkasim

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Enjoying this huge bowl of “Nana Figgy Nut” ice cream for lunch. | Recipe: in a food processor (a blender will work too, just add more liquid) combine 3 chopped frozen banana, 2 chopped ripe figs, 2 tbsp almond butter and a splash of almond milk. Top with chopped figs. So good.

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